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If you are going to have a large treatment, you will always get an individual treatment plan for the expected course of treatment and an associated cost estimate. Thus you can make your own decision and know the extent of the treatment.

Dental Treatments Rates from Rates to
Plastic (composite) fillings in back teeth
Small molar 2 surfaces 706 1.042
Large molar 2 surfaces 731 1.315
Small molar 3 surfaces 824 1.307
Large molar 3 surfaces 935 1.574
Small molar 4 surfaces 1.200 2.065
Large molar 4 surfaces 1.300 2.413
Small molar 5 surfaces 1.350 2.548
Large molar 5 surfaces 1.400 2.793
Dental Crowns (all produced in Sweden or Denmark)
Back teeth, full ceramics or precious metal/ceramics (excl. any core) 5.088 6.056
Back teeth, onlays, full ceramic (excl. any core) 5.088 6.056
Front teeth, full ceramics or precious metal/ceramics (excl. any core) 5.088 6.300
Root canal treatment
One canal (eg. a front tooth) 1.405 1.938
Two canals 1.955 2.407
Three canals (eg. a large molar) 2.655 3.295
Precious metal / ceramic 3-part (Excluding any. core). Be granted a discount of 10% in 2nd and subs crown / bridges, (unless otherwise agreed). 14.865 18.168
Surgical removal of teeth (not extraction)
Surgical removal of a tooth 569 970
Surgical removal of a wisdom tooth 769 2.750
Local Anesthesia 146 356


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